Creative Pantry Innovations For Savvy Storage

Creative Pantry Innovations For Savvy Storage - Perfect Fit Closets - Custom Closets Calgary

Whether you own a home or rent an apartment, everyone seems to have the same problem: inefficient kitchen storage. You’ve come to accept it; that can of tomato soup will forever be lost in the abyss of the pantry. But do not despair any longer! We at Perfect Fit Closets know that you don’t need to condemn yourself to disarray. Whichever kitchen set-up you have, a standalone unit or a built-in pantry, we have a custom solution for you! Check out these three pantry innovations that will blow your mind without blowing your budget:  

Pullout Wire Organizers

These units are lightweight, strong, and versatile. Having them on lower shelves will help you easily access items without digging through the cabinet. Wire organizers slide on rails, which can be custom fitted to your shelving. On top of this, the nature of the wire basket design means that you can see everything. That can of tomato soup? Easy to access, and never forgotten again.

Undershelf Baskets

One of the most common organizational problems is unused space. When you can’t add any more storage widthwise, build upwards! Undershelf baskets are a great way to maximize your vertical storage. Instantly multiply your useable space by sneaking in a few undershelf baskets and designating them for specific ingredients like potatoes, or spices.

Cabinet Door Racks/Drawers

A regularly overlooked storage space is the backs of cabinet doors. If you have a few inches to spare, take advantage of this by installing wire racks, hanging shelves, or even drawers. Not much space to spare? Use a vinyl shoe holder as a hanging shelf. Fill it with teas and other packaged food items to keep them from piling up in the corners of your cabinet.

Using these simple tips on their own or in combination with a full pantry renovation, your kitchen can be customized to make your space more liveable. If you’re tired of fighting bad organization, give us a call today and we can help you find your perfect pantry solution!