Custom Closets, Not Just for Adults!

Custom Closets, Not Just for Adults! - Perfect Fit Closets - Custom Closets Calgary

Most homeowners may be more concerned with customizing their own closet space than they are with designing custom closets for their children. When it comes to organizing clothes, shoes, and other accessories, however, it can be beneficial to think about customizing every closet in your home.

At Perfect Fit Closets, we can help you design custom storage solutions for every room in your home. We realize the importance of staying organized when it comes to relieving stress and anxiety in your everyday life.

While some of our clients may need just one particular space comprehensively organized, many families can benefit from creating more efficient storage space throughout their home. Custom closets, after all, aren’t just for adults! Here are a few easy tips to make your children’s closet more organized and kid-friendly:

Leave Plenty of Room for Growth

One of the more difficult aspects of designing a custom closet for your children is the fact that they’ll continue to grow and their wardrobe is subject to change on an almost yearly basis. With young children, it’s important to keep their most-used items of clothing in reach. Keeping shoes and clothes in shelves or drawers close to the ground, or on low hanging rods, will help your children practice dressing themselves from a young age. 

Shared Space for Siblings

Siblings that are only a couple years apart often share living space, at least until they reach the teenage years. For the parent responsible for washing and putting away clothes, this can make it very easy to get things a bit mixed up. Designing a split closet space can help alleviate these ‘mix-ups’ and it can also give children a greater sense of ownership in their side of the closet. Rewards for the cleanest side of the closet can also reduce your workload when it comes to regular cleaning and organizing. 

Pictures & Labels

Labeling drawers or shelves will help your kids know where specific items of clothing belong. For very young children, you might even consider using pictures rather than word labels, but you can make this transition as your children grow. Not only will pictures and labels help keep your kids’ closet organized, but it will also give them a fun and easy way to refine those reading and recognition skills. 

Corralling Those Terrible Toys

Because they are used frequently, and because many young children jump from toy to toy without following the rule of cleaning up one mess before proceeding to make another, toys can be one of the most difficult things to keep organized in your children’s closet. Grouping toys of similar sizes in appropriately sized containers, or even solid duffel bags, can actually go a long way towards maintaining some level of organization when it comes to those ‘terrible toys’. 

The Power of ‘Secret Space’

It might not be especially important to your kids to have their own walk-in closet, but you can be sure they’ll appreciate having their own ‘secret’ hideaway space. Placing a desk in the closet for a quiet study area, creating a pillow-topped bench that functions as a reading nook, or throwing some bean bags and a table for games and toys are just a few ways to create a nice ‘hideaway’ for your kids, but it also never hurts to get some input from their kids on what they’d like in their new ‘secret space.’

At Perfect Fit Closets, we can help you customize every closet in your home. If you’re thinking about making the closet storage in your home a bit more efficient, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 403-768-3049 to discuss your needs today!