Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL) – 33 Colours

Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL), once known as thermally fused melamine or TFM, is made by fusing a resin-impregnated sheet of decor paper directly to a substrate.  Heat and pressure activate the resin in the saturated TFL panel sheet, creating a cross-linked bond with the substrate.  This effectively seals the substrate.  Particleboard such as Collins Particle Board we use at Perfect Fit are ideal substrates for TFL because they are consistent, uniform in strength and free of defects.  



TFL (Level 1)

TFL – Galaxy White

TFL (Level 2)

TFL – Black

TFL – Canvas

TFL – Grey Authentic Oak

TFL – Grey Linen

TFL – Grey Vicenza Oak

TFL – Hacienda Black

TFL – Hacienda White

TFL – Lava

TFL – Natural Vicenza Oak

TFL – Stone Grey

TFL – Taupe Grey

TFL – Tobacco Carini Walnut

TFL (Level 3)

TFL – Barn Oak

TFL – Carbone

TFL – Dark Cape Elm

TFL – Elegant Black

TFL – Ink Blue

TFL – Jackson Pine

TFL – Palissandro

TFL – Tobacco Halifax Oak

TFL (Level 4)

TFL – Argento

TFL – Ascari

TFL – Charred Formwood

TFL – Cimarron

TFL – Conchiglia

TFL – Concrete Formwood

TFL – Old Cottage Oak

TFL – Ottone

TFL – Palomino

TFL – Patrese

TFL – Regents Park

TFL – Zirconio