Collins Particle Board

Exceptionally high percentage of Western Pine

  • Excellent machinability
  • Extends tool life, which increases productivity and reduces costs
  • Light tan color allows for the use of thin papers and melamines, further reducing costs
  • Color, surface, and core qualities are consistent from panel to panel

Guaranteed smooth every board, every time

  • Remarkably smooth surface for all laminating applications
  • Panels are sawn after sanding eliminating thin edges
  • Our cross-panel sanding process gives you the smoothest panel in the industry
  • This increases your production with minimal rejects and lower costs
  • Our continuous process control system monitors every panel to assure specification are met
  • Panels are uniform and consistent from shipment to shipment and year to year

Protecting the environment

  • Collins industrial particleboard is available FSC-certified (SCS-COC-00085)
  • Collins Pine Particleboard is CARB Exempt / NAF (no added formaldehyde), contains 100% post industrial recycled & recovered fibers, and is moisture resistant.