Kitsilano – Deeply Textured Panels

Inspired by the structures of nature, our panels offer an unrivaled look and feel. The depth of detail combined with real wood veneers create an exceptional presence. The deep texturing plays off light and shadow to achieve a richness that other materials cannot equal. Cut to size and beautifully finished, these panels will elevate your project to a work of art.

A growing trend in home interiors today are decorative panels as a way to introduce a visual focus in your room.  Available in rolled sheets, dealers can cut to size and place them as “backing” to their closets and any area of the house.  

Available in a range of sizes, these panels are installed directly onto your wall.  Typically made of waterproof fiberboard, these are then overlaid with paper, laminate or fabric of choice, resulting in a wide selection of colors, finishes, patterns, and motifs.  

Most conventional wall paper are typically time-consuming, labor intensive process which require some skill.  Decorative wall panels, on the other hand, are the quick and easy alternative.  they can be installed directly onto your walls without any prior surface preparation.  

On of the most apparent features of decorative wall panels is that they can be used to aesthetically enhance and accentuate your walls, and consequently the whole room.

Uneven wall surfaces are a common problem.  Decorative wall panels can be placed over such walls to conceal defects and provide a smooth and seamless finish.


Borke Rustic Grey

Borke Smoked Larch

Borke Walnut

Ocean Schoko

Ocean Walnut

Ocean White

Old Nature Bog Oak

Old Nature Grey Oak

Old Nature Smoked Oak

Schilf Schoko

Schilf White

Siosal Grey

Sisal Schoko

Spalt Black

Spalt Walnut

Wave Schoko

Wave Walnut

Wave White