Laser Edgebanding

Go Seamless: Zero-adhesive | Zero-joint

Laser Edging

The IMA Laser edging Process offers so-far unreached aesthetics in furniture design through a jointless transition between edging and panel.

No doubt about it – the laser technology is making a entrance into the edgebanding process. The quality jump is also visible to the untrained eye. Or better: »invisible«, because there is no visible joint between the surface finish of the panel and the edge* applied in the IMA Laser Edgebanding process. The market will demand this gain in aesthetics, and it will get it. Around half a million of linear meters of edgebanding tape were already successfully processed in practice using the Laser Edgebanding process developed by IMA. But the Laser Edgebanding method not only convinces through quantitative results. Also the improvement of the production quality and the increase in process safety are strong arguments for furniture producers.

  • The resistance and fitness for service of the furniture components are increased significantly because no dirt can penetrate through the joint into the panel material. Visible signs of aging and wear on the furniture components definitely belong to the past.
  • The visually attractive, homogeneous outer appearance of the furniture element is the result of the joint-free, bond between edging and panel.
  • The new tactile design clearly increases the value of the produced furniture element.
  • The IMA Laser Edging Process does neither require any glue nor release/cleaning agents. Hence only homogeneous waste offcuts, which allow eco-friendly disposal, are generated.
  • Furthermore, the machine is not fouled by any glue or cleaning agents.

Edge-band Locations

By default, we will edge band all sides visible to the naked eye.

Please note by default we will:

Floor and Wall gables – We will by default edge front, top and bottom of all panels.

Toe Kicks – We will not edge band any sides.

Cleats – We will edge band bottom only.

Shelves – We will edge band the front only.

Counter Tops – All ¾” and 1.5” tops will be edge band on all four sides.

Island Gables – We will edge band all 4 sides.

Melamine Drawer Boxes – We will edge band all visible sides. So, front and top of the box.