Monaco – Panel Inserts

Monaco decorative pieces were designed to sustain your attention. Originating from Europe, these contemporary styles are offered in a vast range from grunge to luxury. Monaco is available in both panel and inserts to compliment any project for your home, office, or entertainment area.

A growing trend in home interiors today are decorative panels as a way to introduce a visual focus in your room.  Available in rolled sheets, dealers can cut to size and place them as “backing” to their closets and any area of the house.  

Available in a range of sizes, these panels are installed directly onto your wall.  Typically made of waterproof fiberboard, these are then overlaid with paper, laminate or fabric of choice, resulting in a wide selection of colors, finishes, patterns, and motifs.  

Most conventional wall paper are typically time-consuming, labor intensive process which require some skill.  Decorative wall panels, on the other hand, are the quick and easy alternative.  they can be installed directly onto your walls without any prior surface preparation.  

On of the most apparent features of decorative wall panels is that they can be used to aesthetically enhance and accentuate your walls, and consequently the whole room.

Uneven wall surfaces are a common problem.  Decorative wall panels can be placed over such walls to conceal defects and provide a smooth and seamless finish.




DM Cement Dark

DM Travertin

DM Marble White

DM Silver Burshed Matt AR

DM Monsoon Vintage Brown

SL Lava Grey

SL Lava Copper

SL Dakota Smoke

SL Dakota Metal

SL Crashed Mirror Silver

SL Croco Smoke PF Met Silver

SL Croco Silver PF Met Silver

LL Rombo 85 Nero Matt

LL Rombo 85 Mocca Matt

LL Rombo 85 Bianco Matt

LL Rombo 40 Nero Matt

LL Rombo 40 Mocca Matt

LL Rombo 40 Bianco Matt

LL Quadro Nero Matt

LL Quadro Luxury Bronze

LL Quadro Bianco Matt

LL Lounge Nero Matt

LL Lounge Mocca Matt

LL Lounge Bianco Matt

LL Charcoal Dark

LL Charcoal Light

LL Dove Tale

LL Light Oyster

LL London Clay

LL Wimborne White

LL Stony Ground

LL Floral Platin

LL Floral White Silver Matt

LL Floral Vintage Silver

LL Black

LL Dark Brown

LL Floral White

LL White

LL Leguan Silver

LL Leguan Nero

LL Leguan Bianco

SG Vintage Silver AR

SG Vintage Copper AR

SG Old Platin AR

SG Leguan Silver AR

SG Luxury Gold AR

SG Luxury Bronze AR

SG Nero AR

SG Ice White AR

TL Linea Old Platin

WL Nutwood

WL Nutwood Country

WL Maple Alpine Texture

WL Wenge Wood