Thermally Fused Laminate 5 Piece Glass Shaker Door and Drawer Fronts


Perfect Fit Closets also offer shaker style cabinetry which is a five-piece TFL door that will give you the look of a real wood five-piece door but without the risk of expansion and contraction or cracking finish on the joints. Some shaker cabinets are very clean and simple, while others have decorative edge detailing. The drawer fronts of shaker cabinets can also differ. Each 5 piece shaker is first layed up individually then glued together.

The classic format of a five-piece construction with a framed centre panel delivers a great result time and again, and in Perfect Fit Closet’s extensive choice of colours and woodgrain finishes can suit a great variety of tastes. Individual components create the five-piece door or drawer front, giving it authenticity and, in woodgrains, a look almost impossible to distinguish from real timber. Five Piece Shaker Doors combined with our variety of decorative glass inserts, convey a classic contemporary style with European flair. Our Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL) doors come pre-drilled with our standard drilling pattern used in our closet designs.


TFL (Level 1)

TFL 1 – White

TFL (Level 2)

TFL 2 – Fashionista

TFL 2 – First Class

TFL 2 – Free Spirit

TFL 2 – Sheer Beauty

TFL 2 – White Chocolate

TFL (Level 3)

TFL 3 – After Hours

TFL 3 – Apres Ski

TFL 3 – Cassis

TFL 3 – Esterel

TFL 3 – Silverwood

TFL 3 – Winter Fun

TFL (Level 4)

TFL 4 – Chiffon

TFL 4 – Ombre

TFL 4 – Pietra

TFL 4 – Rumour

TFL 4 – Whisper