Empty nest? Great Custom Room Ideas for Your New Space

Empty nest? Great Custom Room Ideas for Your New Space - Perfect Fit Closets - Custom Fit Closets Calgary

You’ve launched your last child from the nest, and you now find yourself faced with not only a space in your life, but space in your home. Empty-nesters may find themselves facing a lot of new emotions, including excitement about the possibilities that have just opened up. At Perfect Fit Closets, we may not be able to give you advice about what to do with the new space in your life (take up golf?), but we have some great ideas of what to do with that vacated bedroom! And they don’t include tossing boxes of clutter in it and slamming the door to prevent an avalanche of stuff.

Create a Great Guest Room

Is your first priority having your kids come back and visit, but you want to update the space from its current decor of band posters and beanbag chairs? Now is your chance to create a multi-functional guest room! Most people don’t have guests staying all the time, so why not create a room which you can enjoy when it isn’t occupied? A Murphy bed is a great way to do this, since you can leave it folded away and have a flip-up desk for crafting or letter-writing, or a gorgeous bookshelf display to turn it into a cozy reading room. Even a small bedroom can feel spacious when you use the space efficiently.

Get Your Game On!

Now that your kids are gone, you can let loose your inner child without getting eye-rolls of embarrassment. Why not create a game room? Whether your idea of gaming is high-tech console gaming, poker tournaments, or old-fashioned board games, Perfect Fit Closets can help you design a layout that fits your storage and decor desires.

Luxurious Amounts of Closet Space

Are your clothes cramped and suffocating, even though you’ve done your best to maximize your closet space? Are your shoes stacked on top of each other, and boxes of accessories threaten to topple over when you close the door too hard? A small empty room makes for a luxuriously large new closet when you work with us to redesign the space for storage! If you’ve ever dreamed of having a full-size walk-in closet, now is your chance.

Home Office

If you’ve been working at the dining room table, or at a small desk in a corner of a busy room, outfitting your empty bedroom as a home office could increase your productivity and even enjoyment of work. We can offer you a custom design to meet your unique needs: do you need an extra-large surface for drafting work or multiple projects on the go? Cupboards, or bookshelves? A creative filing system for your creative mind? Or maybe a compact space to meet your minimalist dreams? Perfect Fit Closets works with you to maximize your space.

If you’ve got an empty nest, give Perfect Fit Closets a call today for your FREE in-home consultation. Let us help you make the most of your new space.