Five Steps To Your Best Man Cave

Five Steps To Your Best Man Cave - Perfect Fit Closets - Custom Storgae Solutions Calgary

Okay, so maybe “man cave” is a stereotypical term, but who doesn’t want a play space all of their own? Having space in your home that’s designed around your interests and needs provides you time to wind down and recharge. Whether you’re the type to putter in a workshop, kick back with a drink and your entertainment system, or have a group of friends over, you can custom-design a space to fit your needs.


Where’s the best spot in your home for a man-cave? Do you have a corner of the basement that would be perfect for a workshop? Empty space in the garage? What about an unused guest bedroom, or maybe even a walk-in closet that could be repurposed? Don’t be afraid to get creative with finding a space for your special spot.


The classic man-cave features a first-rate entertainment system: surround sound, one or more video game systems, high-def large flat-screen TV, stereo, and more. A cabinet for your entertainment system can show it off to its best advantage, and make it easier to store your fun electronics and keep the wires out of sight. You also need the right shelves and drawers to keep remotes, movies, console gaming controllers, and game cartridges!


More of a workshop than an entertainment system kind of guy? Whether you’re into woodworking, carpentry, or something else, you’ll have quite a few tools that need proper storage and display for easy access and proper care. Sometimes it’s as simple as getting the right attachments for your pegboard, but why not spruce up the workshop a little more with properly finished cabinets that actually match (instead of surplus from your local Habitat for Humanity Store)?

4.Show-off Space

Have you won a lot of medals, trophies, awards, or prizes? Are you a collector of stamps, sports memorabilia, coins, Lego…? You should have a great place to display your prized possessions! Glass-fronted cabinets with built-in lighting are one great way to show off your memorabilia while protecting it from direct sunlight and the worst of the dust from the room.

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