How to Make A Smooth Organized, and Efficient Workspace Transition

From Office to Telecommuting: How to Make the Transition Smooth and Keep Your Workspace Organized and Efficient - Perfect Fit Closets - Custom Storage Solutions Calgary

An increasing number of employers are offering telecommuting to their employees you may have adjust with a workspace transition. If you are about to begin telecommuting even a few days a week, you will need two things: a plan, and an efficient and effective home office, free from clutter and distractions.


The Plan

Make sure you have discussed expectations with your employer. What hours will you be available by phone or email? How will you handle potential emergencies? How will you and your employer communicate about work assignments? Next, you’ll need to set a schedule for yourself. Depending on your type of work, this may mean maintaining 9-5 hours with scheduled coffee and lunch breaks; or it may mean that you can have more flexible hours. Regardless, making a schedule and sticking to it will increase your productivity and show your employer you are being productive. Last, make sure to claim a workspace. If you have the space, a room with a door you can close gives you the best privacy. However, even if you have a smaller space, try to place your desk to minimize visual distractions while you work.


What Supplies Do You Need?

Different jobs are going to have different supply needs, but common requirements include computer, desk, good speakers and microphone for videoconferencing, an all-in-one printer/scanner/fax, and an ergonomic desk/chair system. You’ll also need some less tangible supplies, such as high-speed internet (you might want to talk to your internet provider about boosting its speed) and good software to help streamline your processes. Although we live in a world increasingly transitioning to digital, most businesses still involve some physical paperwork, so you’ll likely need a logical filing system within easy reach as well.


Organizing Your Home Office

The first step to successful home office organization is knowing your needs. Do you like to alternative between sitting and standing, sit in a traditional chair, or sit on an exercise ball? Is your work computer-intensive, or paper-intensive? You may want space for multiple computer monitors to increase your productivity, or you may need a space for a drafting table. Do an inventory of the types of tasks your job requires, and Perfect Fit Closets can help you custom-design a desk and storage system which best meets your needs. Don’t forget about space for a printer/scanner/fax, a document shredder, and filing cabinet.


You’ll also want a storage system to keep those little accessories like erasers, extra pens, and paper clips readily available yet tidily sorted. With a strong workspace organization, you can free up your mind and time to focus what’s really important: success for your business. And, of course, that extra half hour of peace at each end of your workday where you don’t have to commute.


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