Why Kitchen Cabinet Re-facing Is A Great Valentine’s Day Gift

Why Kitchen Cabinet Re-facing Just Might Be The Best Valentine’s Day Gift For Your Sweetie - Perfect Fit Closets - Custom Closets Calgary

Is your sweetie a bombshell in the kitchen but your kitchen could use a Kitchen Cabinet Re-facing? Do you two love to cook romantic dinners together? Have you two been talking about fixing up the cabinets for a while now, but just never gotten around to it? Well now is the perfect time to give your loved one their dream kitchen!


Show your love.

Day to day life can get very busy, and we don’t always get the chance to tell our loved ones how we feel. If your sweetheart is not so sweet on those 1980s counters, a kitchen upgrade will show them that you have been paying attention to their complaints and you care enough to make a change.


Facelift for your home.

The kitchen is where we all migrate to at get-togethers. No matter the occasion, you will always find people gathered around the island, munching and chatting away. Re-facing is a simple way to keep your kitchen a welcoming space for everyone who stops by, even your mother-in-law. Who knows, an update could have you score a few brownie points with her, too!


You know they’ll use it every day.

Let’s face it, we all spend a lot of time in the kitchen every day. And all that time in there can become dulling. Spicing up the kitchen will break the monotony and give your home a much needed facelift. Our spaces effect how we feel, just like a new hairstyle can add a little pep in our step. Our kitchens are a big part of our lives and relationships, and who doesn’t need a little spice in their love life!


Quick and easy

A complete overhaul of your kitchen could take weeks, but re-facing with Perfect Fit Closets means that we are out in 1-2 days. And when we say “out”, we mean that every trace of our presence is gone. No clean-up for you, just a beautiful kitchen. Pick out what you want with your loved one, make it a date. Or, if you favour a more grand approach, wait for them to head out for a couple days on that work trip. Then allow us to come in and transform your kitchen. When they come back, they’ll walk in the doors to see a radiant, custom re-faced kitchen. You may need to call the in-laws to watch the kids for the night if you go that route.


And the best reason to do it now: We have a deal!

Here at Perfect Fit Closets, our kitchen cabinet re-facing is on sale now at 10% off! Show your sweetie how savvy you are by taking advantage of this awesome program. Don’t break the bank this Valentine’s Day. The practical gift of a beautiful, well organized kitchen is the perfect way to show your spouse how much you love and appreciate them every day for years to come.