Not Your Grandma’s Wall Bed

Not Your Grandma’s Wall Bed - Perfect Fit Closets - Murphy Bed Calgary

Do you host a lot of overnight guests and want to give them a comfortable place to sleep, but don’t have a lot of space? With our new Murphy Bed line, you can make your home office easily convert into the perfect guest getaway! We have three types of Murphy Bed on offer, and it’s not your grandma’s awkward wall bed that threatened to not only store itself, but unhappy sleepers. These wall beds integrate seamlessly into your room, whether you choose the flip-up desk, bifold, or library model. Each model comes in a variety of finishes, helping it to blend into your other furniture so it doesn’t drive you crazy when guests aren’t around.

Bi-Fold Murphy Bed

Do you have a slightly bigger office and smaller budget? The Bi-Fold Murphy bed is the one for you. The Bi-Fold features the Flex Bed independent frame system so should you desire it, it will operate as a stand-alone frame as well. Maybe you need to transition from a Murphy bed in your office to full-time bedroom for a relative or child – you’ve got the bed ready to go! The Bi-Fold comes in Twin, Full, and Queen frame sizes and features a curved plywood bed frame slats for added comfort. Because the hinges open to 165 degrees, you can open the doors wide but still place cabinets adjacent.

Flip-Up Desk Murphy Bed

Do you want some extra desk space while your Murphy bed isn’t being used? Try our flip-up desk model. When the bed is stored away, a desk flips up and is held securely in place with heavy-duty magnets and a catch latch to give you a quality feel and stable work surface. Need to sleep? Just fold the desk down and swing down the wall bed. This is a great option for guests who might have brought along some work of their own and need a quiet space to do business.

Library Murphy Bed

You’ll never fail to impress guests with the library murphy bed. Classy bookcase by day…but slide them aside and it becomes a luxurious bed by night! This model features the queen size Flex Bed frame, articulating headboard (to ensure nothing falls behind the bed during opening or closing), two 30” wide side towers, and sliding bookcases. The bookcases gently glide left and right to reveal the cleverly-hidden bedframe. The side cabinets can be personalized to meet your storage needs with shelves, drawers, baskets, hanging rods, doors, and more.

Your guests will never be so comfortable or impressed, and you’ll enjoy putting the bed away neatly when they go home. Next time Aunt Mabel comes for the night on a moment’s notice, you can have her bed ready to go in a trice and leave her none the wiser! Give us a call today at 403-768-3051 to book your FREE consultation.