Organization tips for small spaces

Organization tips for small spaces - Perfect Fit Calgary - Custom Fit Solutions Calgary

Do you live in a small space? Having trouble being tidy and organized? If you can’t change your space, then you need creative solutions for your stuff! At Perfect Fit, we love helping with this type of challenge! Instead of pulling your hair out, come visit us to discuss simple, creative ways to turn organizational problems into solutions.


Sometimes it’s NOT about where to store or how to organize. Step one should be to have less stuff! Forcing yourself to declutter is a fantastic solution. But if you just can’t do it, try boxing up a third or a half of your books, dust catchers, etc and put them in storage (in the basement, garage, or even a friend’s house) and rotate them back in once a year. This also keeps your space fresh and new!

Change the perception

If you can’t physically change the size of your space then really put in the effort to be tidy. Tidiness makes all spaces seem bigger. Adding a mirror can make a huge impact. Mirrors reflect lots of light making spaces appear larger. A foldable screen can allow an office space in part of a larger room. Curtains in front of storage shelving can help with a tidier appearance.

Get organized

  1. Go vertical: Optimize your space by adding some higher shelves; even right near the ceiling. Closet utilization can be maximized by adding broom holders, extra shelves and again, higher shelves. In the kitchen, hanging pots and some cooking utensils from a horizontal wire rack from the ceiling not only looks modern, but frees up cupboard space.
  2. Put it under: Under counter/sink solutions like pull out wire storage racks or garbage cans are real space savers. In the bedroom, raising beds up allows under-bed drawers.
  3. Hide it inside or behind: There is usable space behind doors to hang a shoe rack, ironing board, or an organizer. Clever hiding spaces inside an ottoman or storage bench are a real bonus. And hiding a bed inside a sofa or using a futon is a dual purpose solution. A Murphy bed is another great solution to freeing up space.
  4. Containerize: Increase the organization of your kitchen and bathrooms by using labelled containers. You can even put containers on the countertop. Try an over-the-toilet organizer with shallow shelves. Neat, organized containers on these shelves is a huge space saver. If you have a small size floor space in a bathroom, stacking baskets are a great way to utilize such space.

At Perfect Fit we are committed to helping you find the perfect solutions for your space. If your small space is FULL, we are FULL OF IDEAS about how to help you get organized and enjoy your space even more. We will help you design custom fit solutions that fit your space perfectly. Find us at 100, 111 – 5 Avenue SW Suite #341 in Calgary or give us a call at 403-768-3049