Pantry Organization before the Holidays

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As holiday season approaches, it’s a great time to think ahead about how to make Christmas (or your family holiday of choice) a success. A little planning ahead will make this season less stressful, and it might give you more time to be social with friends and family. Let us help! With extra visitors, comes the need to be extra prepared in the kitchen. Does your pantry have what it takes to keep up with the extra demand? Let’s examine some ideas to make your pantry holiday-ready!

Take stock

Taking stock of what you’ve actually got in the pantry is a great first step. And while you’re at it, pay attention to outdated goods and items that don’t really look fresh and ready to use. Spices quickly lose their zest, so take a moment to check them carefully. After discarding older items, take a good inventory of what you have on hand. Maybe spread it out on a counter. Consider carefully what are your go-to recipes for the holidays. Do you have on hand a complete stock of what you might need? And in good quantity and quantity? Make a list of what’s missing and prepare to hit the stores!

A new plan

Sometimes after you’ve emptied out a space (and cleaned it thoroughly), putting things back in a new way can reinvigorate the space. Just because it’s ALWAYS been in X spot doesn’t make that the best spot. Consider making your storage choices more visually appealing. And think about what items are used most frequent. Those should certainly be most accessible. Don’t forget themes. Maybe you want to keep certain groups of ingredients together. Often starting your storage organization over can pump up the enthusiasm for some forgotten recipes and get your creative baking and cooking juices flowing again.

Looking ahead

While you’re busy with your pantry decluttering, sorting and reorganizing, it’s also a good time to look ahead to what new, more-efficient (and fun!) ways you can be organized. Dreaming about a complete new set of see-through canisters? Or wishing you could get a better handle on your storage challenges? Try to focus on the present, but remember that getting through THIS holiday season with the challenges of your current situation can be easier if you’ve got a new plan to look forward to for next year. Maybe a full height pull-out pantry cupboard is your dream-solution. If not, a pantry make-over may be a wonderful Christmas present for a spouse or parent who loves to cook and bake. At Perfect Fit, we have lots of ideas to help you dream. Why not come in and show us what you’re working with, tell us what you’re hoping for, and we’ll work together to come up with a plan that you can work towards!

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