Questions to Ask When Renovating Your Home Office

Questions to Ask When Renovating Your Home Office - Perfect Fit Closets - Custom Storage Solutions Calgary

As all areas of your home, your home office requires storage, functionality, and aesthetic. All of those elements are going to be unique to your situation and needs. Your neighbour’s home office layout will not look the same as yours. Because of this, a custom renovation is your best option for the most efficient, welcoming, and productive work space. But before you dive headlong into it, make sure you start to think about these two questions:

What space do you have for your home office?

Your home office layout should be conducive to efficient workflow and creativity. That being said, not every home has the space for a completely dedicated room. In order to fully take advantage of the space you have, take the time to survey the physical room that you intend to use for work. Is it an entire room, or is it in the corner of a guest room or kitchen? Your unique space will directly influence what the best set-up is for your home office.   

For example, if you are situated in a kitchen, you’ll need to make sure to set up as far away from the appliances as possible. This will keep electronics and papers safe from the spray of water from the sink, or the potential hazards of the stove.  

What storage options will you need?

In other words: what will you be filling your office with? Does your business require a lot of paper documents like invoices? Are you a musician who needs space for equipment and instruments? Write a list of everything that makes your business run. Jot down everything from pencil sharpeners and post-its, to hard drives and monitors. Now take a look at that list; everything is going to need a place in your home office.

Don’t be overwhelmed, your best ally for storage will be a great desk. Look for plenty of surface space, deep drawers, and a sturdy design. Anything over and above those qualifications can be suited to your unique needs.

These two questions will set you off in the right direction for a beautiful, personalized home office, just for you! Optimize on your moments of brilliance by having a space that reflects your creativity. A well organized space will do just that! Here at Perfect Fit, we offer custom desks, drawers, filing systems, shelves, cabinets and more. Let us help you turn your space into the perfect one!