Simple Ways To Increase Your Bathroom Storage

Simple Ways To Increase Your Bathroom Storage - Perfect Fit Closets - Custom Storage Calgary

When thinking about storage solutions in your home, the bathroom is an often-overlooked space. Yet, we spend time in this room multiple times a day, and need to store a wide variety of supplies in it. How can you set up your bathroom to maximize usable and customized storage space?

DIY Ideas

There are a lot of small things you can do to make your bathroom more usable. If you have the counter space, adding a storage unit to the countertop can provide you with several more drawers for all those personal hygiene products you need easy access to every day. Drawer inserts for your vanity can help to organize small items and keep them from rolling around. Don’t have a lot of counter space? Don’t forget about your walls! Use dishwasher-safe wall-hung containers to corral your dental care implements within reach.


Most bathrooms have empty, wasted wall space that could be used for storage. You can store most of your linens, medicines, and hygiene items right in your bathroom if you use your wall space efficiently. By storing these items in the room where you’ll be using them, you free up storage space around the rest of the house that would normally be used to store them. Don’t want to lose your mirror? Install a mirror-fronted cabinet over the sink! Linen cabinets come in standalone or wall-mounted varieties and can store most of your towels right where you need them. You can even find cabinets that fit over your toilet tank, making good use of a commonly-wasted space.

Turning Awkward Spaces Into Storage

With an examination of your bathroom space, companies like Perfect Fit can help you to figure out the best way to maximize awkward spaces for storage. Installing built-in shelves adds storage space and can even function as a decor element. If your bathroom is irregularly shaped – sloped ceiling, odd corners, extra small, angled walls – storage professionals can offer a number of custom solutions to meet your needs. One way we can do this is by building up, with high shelves used to store decorations or seldom-used items.

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