Staging your Closets to Sell Your Home

Staging your Closets to Sell Your Home - Perfect Fit Closets - Custom Storage Calgary

When you’re getting your home ready to sell, there are a lot of factors to keep in mind and it can be a little overwhelming. Did you know that ample storage space is one of the key factors that prospective buyers are looking for when touring a house?

Put Away One-Third Of Your Stuff

If your closets look half-empty, they will look roomier and show off to their best advantage. Start by removing everything that you haven’t used for the past year; put into longer term storage off-season and specialty items. Make sure everything is off the floor, extra hangers are tossed, and everything has a place. Ditch flimsy wire hangers if possible, in favour of sturdier ones.

Sort Logically

Take a cue from your favourite kitchen supply and clothing stores when it comes to organizing your closets: sort like with like, colour block, and use attention to detail! For clothing, hang garments in the same direction, with hangers spaced an inch or two apart. To colour-block, arrange items from lightest to darkest, whether hung or folded. Fold clothes neatly, ideally with only three items per stack. Use similar principles for kitchens, linen closets, entrance closets, and toy storage.

Repurpose Other Areas for Storage

Is your closet space at a premium? While you can’t magically make your house bigger or snap your fingers and make a new closet, you can get close. If you have more things than storage space, look around: do you have room in your garage? Basement? On walls? Hooks, cupboards, armoires, dressers, pegboards…there’s a wide range of possibilities to maximize the space you already have and put that clutter away.

Add Value with a Closet Organizing System

Are your closets crammed full, with just a rod and shelf? Of course it’s bursting; your closets aren’t working with you to maximize their capabilities. If you install a closet organizing system, you increase how much can be stored and how attractive things look when stored in it. Organizing systems add value and draw the eye of prospective buyers, who can immediately imagine themselves being just as organized!

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