Three Unexpected Ways You’ll Be Happy Living in a Smaller Home!

Three Unexpected Ways You’ll Be Happy Living in a Smaller Home! - Perfect Fit Closets - Custom Closets Calgary

In the hustle and bustle of the city, even coastal island life can seem crowded. Savvy Canadians are always looking for new ways to save space, their wallets, and the environment. Advances in technology and knowledge has taught us that bigger is not always better. One great example of this is house size; having a bigger home is more costly and takes up more space in an already cramped metropolis. Here are three ways that living in a smaller home is a smart choice for you and your family:

A smaller home will save you money.

And we don’t mean that you’ll just save on the mortgage. Smaller homes are cheaper to heat, cool, and power in general; meaning that you will save on that dreaded energy bill every month. On top of that, much of that money spent on maintaining and customizing a larger home stays in your pocket. You want to repaint? Go ahead! With a small home you won’t have to fork out three months of savings in order to paint a huge space.

A small home lessens your environmental impact.

From start to finish, small homes are gentler on the environment. This is because it requires less resources to build and maintain. Your carbon output is automatically lessened when you take up less space and your energy is used more efficiently. And that benefits all of us.

A small home combines comfort and practicality!

This is our favourite part about small homes! With the right organizational tools, they can be cozy and functional. Large rooms often mean large clutter, often things get pushed to the back of closets and piles of boxes. Once you lose sight of something, it’s more likely that you won’t be using it as often. That’s where Perfect Fit Closets come in. We are experts at turning small spaces into beautiful, efficient living spaces.  Eliminate the large room and have a storage unit installed. All of your possessions will be at your fingertips, ready to be used.

So there you have it, three big reasons why small homes can be great investments. If you’ve made the decision to downsize and you need to organize into a smaller home, allow us to lend you a hand! Contact us if you have any questions we did answer.