Tips to Get Your Garage Summer Ready

Tips to Get Your Garage Summer Ready - Perfect Fit Canada - Garage Storage Solution Calgary

Now that the warmer months are well on their way, we’re starting to dream of outdoor barbeques and beach-side treks. But if you’re dreading an archeological dig through your garage just to find your beach ball, then these tips might be for you!

Divide and Conquer

Get the whole family together and start delegating. Create four piles:

  • Keep – These are items you’ve used in the last year and can see yourself continuing to use.
  • Donate/Sell – These are items that are still good but are just taking up space. Don’t keep them buried in your garage taking up space, let another family get some use out of them.
  • Garbage – These are items that you haven’t used, won’t use, and no one else will either. Clear up some space and throw away that broken shovel!
  • Recycle – A thorough garage overhaul can create a lot of trash. Be gentle on the environment and sort out items that can easily be recycled, like tires and cardboard boxes.

As these piles begin to build, delegate family members to take the haul out periodically. For example, if the donation pile is overflowing, load up the van and bring them down to a donation centre. Doing this as you go will break up the monotony and keep trips from getting overwhelming.

Assess and Organize

Once you’ve removed all of the clutter, you should be left with one pile: Items to Keep. You’re not done yet, throwing everything back in will result in the same problem next year. What you need is organization! Depending on your hobbies and how much you need to fit into your garage, here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Ceiling Storage.
  • Metal Racks and Plastic Totes.
  • Cabinets.
  • Wall Hooks/Tracks.

Don’t stress about your garage any longer! Once you’ve begun to filter through the chaos, you’ll be seeing clearer in no time. Make sure to dedicate a full day, or even a weekend depending on the size of your garage. If you need a hand, give us a call. Don’t be fooled by our name – here at Perfect Fit Closets, we do garages too! We understand that sometimes you don’t always have a weekend to dedicate to organizing your garage, and that’s where we come in. Together we can come up with a custom fit plan for your space so that it’s productive all year long!