Murphy Bed Package

Supreme Steel bed frame
and mechanism

 Whether you are looking to get the most out of a small square footage apartment, or creating flexible space in a home or basement – Murphy Wall-Beds Hardware can help provide you with an additional sleeping area, which can multipurpose as an office, yoga room, games room, theatre, library, home gym, recreation or craft room. 

Our quality Murphy Wall-Bed Hardware systems are European-engineered to the highest standards, and are backed by ironclad warranties – two qualities that guarantee you a lifetime of trouble-free operation. In addition to our quality products, we have also developed comprehensive instructions and online videos to help guide customers through each step of the installation process. 

We are focused on continuing to grow the largest Murphy Bed Dealer network in North America, with an increasing presence internationally, and take great pride in providing a wide range of Murphy Wall-Bed products and exceptional customer service to every one of our customers.

Why choose Perfect Fit Canada for a Murphy Bed?  Perfect Fit Canada is a authorized dealer for the Murphy Bed system.  That said, we choose to only deal with the actual Murphy Bed Components while we produce our unique and one of a kind cabinetry that surround the mechanism.  We are the only company to offer a hybrid system that allows our dealers to combine the best laser edge band technology with the original Wall Bed Manufacturer.



This system includes:

  • Two Europeoan manufactured counter-balanced spring loaded mechanisms
  • Steel bed frame
  • Crossbar
  • Two horizontal steel stiffeners
  • Two patented tubular “Extended Legs” (12″ mattress thickness)
  • Spring Tensioned
  • Manually operated folding leg
  • Assembly fasteners (ie: nuts,bolts, screws, etc…)
  • Mattresses should be a coiled mattress with a weight of  65 – 70 pounds.
  • recommended weight capacity 700 pounds including mattress