LED Lighting for Closets

Closet Systems require an assortment of items, depending on the quantity of lights and the configuration.  Please be mindful of total watts used, including lights and accessories against the max amount per driver. Its always safe to have a bigger driver than needed.


POWER LEAD – Primary Lead 78″

DRIVERS -20Watt 12V Constant -40Watt 12V Constant -60Watt 12V Constant

LEADS- -Ext. Lead, M/F 19″  -Ext. Lead, M/F 39″ -Ext. Lead, M/F 78″

DISTRIBUTORS – 6-Way Distrbutor 78″  – 4-way Ext. Lead 78″+59″+59″+59″x2 

LED PUCK LIGHTS – 2.5″, Recessed, 2.5W, Warm White, Chrome, 157″


MINI LED PUCK LIGHTS – 1 3/8″, Recessed 1.5W Warm White Chrome, 78″

Push Switch 78″

Concealed/Touch Switch 0″

Remote Switch 0″

6 Channel Remote Receiver 39″

Door Activation Switch

Motion Switch

SWITCH EXTENSION CABLE – Switch Extension cable 78″

SWITCH ADAPTER CABLE – -Cable 39″ -Cable 78″

LED STRIP LIGHT (CAN CUT EVERY 1″) – 5M Roll, 3000K, Warm White, 20Watt

LED STRIP CONNECTORS (FLEXIBLE) – -Strip/Strip Connector 2″ -Strip/Strip Connector .19″ -Strip/Strip Connector 39″ -Strip/Strip Connector 78″ -Driver/Strip Connector 4″ -Driver/Strip Connector 78″

LED STRIP SWITCH – Aluminum Profile Dimmer 78″ -Aluminum Profile Motion 78″

ALUMINUM TRAY – Square Surface Mount 98″ – Frosted Diffusor -Corner Surface Mount 98″ – Frosted Diffusor


Oval Wardrobe Rod, Aluminum, Frosted, 98″

Round Wardrobe Rod Chrome 96″

Round Wardrobe Rod Matt-Nickle 96″

Round Wardrobe Rod Matt-Aluminum 96″

Round Wardrobe Rod Oil Rubbed Bronze 96″


Oval, Zinc

Round, Chrome

Round, Matt-Nickle

Round, Matt-Aluminum

Round, Oil Rubbed Bronze