Production Times



Current Production Time will vary pending on production influx as well as availability. June 1, 2023 current production time is approximately 4 weeks plus shipping. If ordering Dovetail Drawer Boxes, the current production time is approximately 5 weeks which will come with the core product.
We at Perfect Fit understand the increased production timelines are affecting our Authorized Dealers and we continue to strive to improve our processes.
The Order Desk will reply back with the appropriate production time once an order has been placed.


We require a completed Customer Concern Form prior to processing any warranty claims. Once a warranty has been deemed warranted, we will place the order ahead of queue to return in a timely manner.
Please note, pending on the item warranted, will determine the timelines involved for production.
Example – Shaker Style Doors, Dovetail Drawer Boxes, and 1 1/2″ Thick Products, will require more time to produce.



We are currently not accepting rushed orders at this time. Please stay tuned!



Above is our approximate timelines. Unforeseen circumstances such as equipment failures will add to the manufacturing time. Our operations team will inform our Dealers of such circumstances


For any questions, please contact us at support@perfectfitcanada.com

Thank You,
Perfect Fit Closets