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1 1/2″ Matte (All Colors) pricing is incorrect in the latest PFC Catalog (PFC US/CAN 2023 10 15 REV 1) with 2020 Designs.
Designs / Orders in this material will be excluded from purchasing and processing. Please look forward to a new updated catalog with this correction done (coming soon).

May 22, 2024

Color Discontinuation – TFL 2 Nova White
Profile Discontinuation – Poly 45 Shaker and Poly 45 Shaker Glass
Profile Offering Extended – TFL 90 Shaker and TFL 90 Shaker Glass Door (Max Height 96″ and Max Width 24 5/8″)

March 15, 2024

Please be advised, use the Current Catalog 2023-10-15-REV1.zip (PFC-CAN/US_4) in lieu of 2023-10-15.zip (PFC-CAN/US_4) 


PFC_US-2023-10-15-REV1 (US Dealers)

PFC_CAN-2023-10-15-REV1 (Canada Dealers)


Matte Nickel and Matte Aluminum

Please note that we are no longer offering Matte Nickel products.
Shoe fences are listed as Matte Nickel but will change to Matte Aluminum.
Please notify Perfect Fit Support and Order Desk if trying to order in Matte Aluminum.



Current Production Time will vary pending on production influx as well as availability.

3 to 4 weeks – orders with TFL drawer boxes, euro / shaker profiles, etc.
4 to 5 weeks – orders with dovetail drawer boxes, shaker glass profiles, etc.

We at Perfect Fit understand the increased production timelines are affecting our Authorized Dealers and we continue to strive to improve our processes.
The Order Desk will reply back with the appropriate production time once an order has been placed.


For any questions, please contact us at support@perfectfitcanada.com

Thank You,
Perfect Fit Closets