2020 Software Tutorial


1. Looking for your version of the catalog

2. Downloading Catalogues

3. Setting your Price, Charges Scheme (only if needed to show retail price)

4. Setting your design Preferences

5.Setting Your Floor and Elevation Measurement Schemes



1. Setting up your Design Screen and Tools

2. Client Info

3. Wall Creating, Resizing, Adding and Naming

4. Editing Walls (heights, colors, placement Zones)


Important Designing Information

1. Designing 0.25 (1/4″) Off the Walls or Using Shelf Cut to Size



1. Wall Modules

2. Tall Modules

3. Stackable Modules

4. Corner Modules 

5.Outside Corner Module and Shelves

6. Island Modules

7. Using Dummy Helpers



1. Panels

2. Dividers 

3. Fixed, Adjustable, Bridge, Glass, Shoe Shelves

4. Corner Shelves – Please see Corner Module Above

5.Outside Corner Shelves – Please see Outside Corner Module Above

6. Regular and Scooped Drawers

7. Jewelry Drawers 

8. Cleats

9. Toe Kicks

10. Valance

11. Backs

12. Inserts

13. Doors

14. Tops

15. Filler

16.Door and Drawer Locks

17. Placing Additional Edgebanding


1. Ironing Board

2. Lights & Accessories

3. Office

4. Garage

5. Pullout

6. Closet Rods and Wardrobe Lifts

7. Tilt-out

8. Wire Baskets

9.Doors and Drawer Locks – coming soon



1. Toe Base

2. Front Mounted 

3. Top Mounted

4. Bottom Molding



1.Obstacles, Switches, and Outlets


Extra Fees

1. Extra Fees



Global Attributes

1. Changing Colors, Handles, Inserts, Profiles, and Finishes


Tips & Tricks

1.Centering a Tower 

2. Re-Scaling a Tower and Moving Modules

3. Using F3, Control, Shift, and Arrow Keys

4. How to add a Bridge Shelf (2 Options)

Changing LOGO’s and Text Content

1.How To Change Your LOGO and Text Box Content

2.How to Change The Text on The Contract


How to Add Notes

1.Adding Notes to Your Design

2.Adding Notes Into Your Quote



1.How to Create Perspective View Pictures

2. Quick Price & Item List

3.Item List

4.Creating a Quote

5. Creating a Contract

6.How to Create Floor Plans Using Print to PDF

7. How to Create Drawing Layouts


Sending a file to Manufacturing

1. Send a File to Manufacturing

Designing Practice

1. Standard Reach-in (1 Wall) 

2. Standard L-Shaped Closet (2 Walls) 

3. His and Hers (3-Walls)