Assessment Sheet

PFC CLOSET Assessment Template V2

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Day____ Month_____ Year____          


How did you find us: _______________________Site:__________________________                                                 


Customer: _____________________________________________________________

Address:   ________________________________________Buzzer:_______________

Phone:      _____________________________________________________________

Email:       _____________________________________________________________


Spaces Assessed All: _______________________________­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­


Let the client know we patch all holes but do not paint (if the patch is dried) complimentary. If the patch work isn’t dried than the client has to sand and paint, it’s easier to paint once closet is up since material will cover most of the wall. We will also discard all material, complimentary!



  1. What is the client timeline?


  1. What is the client budget? (our average job between $2500-$3000+)


  1. How many other quotes have they requested?


  1. Notes:





CURRENT SPACE: ____________________WALL TYPE:  __________________FLOOR TYPE:  ___________

Tear Out:  (S)   (M)   (L)  Please circle – Comments:­­­­­_______________________________________

Door Opening:  W___________ H ____________ Type: _____________ Opening:  In or Out

Ceiling Height:  _____________     

Sloped or Stepped Ceiling:  High Point: ________ Low Point: ________ Depth: ________

Door Trim:  W_________   D __________            Casing:       W_________   D __________

Baseboard Trim:  H _________   D __________

Angles:  Wall number _________ Radius ________ Length _________

Window (outside of Trim)  :   W ___________ H ____________ Trim Thickness ___________

Leveled walls and corners Y_____ N_____ (Visual check)   Electrical Panels/Wiring: Y_____ N_____ (Visual check)

Crawl Space or Attic Entrance: Y_____ N_____ H ________

Lighting: Where? Be mindful of its height and how far from L or R wall______­_____________________










              Profile:                                                            Drawers: H:____/____/____W__________


                                                                                              Scoops: H:____/___ /_____W_________



Handles ____________ Qty:     Filing Legal,Letter         Qty:      Laundry Basket Canvas Qty:                       

Valet Rod                     Qty:      Basket 6”, 11”, 17”         Qty:      Scoop Boxes               

Belt Rack                      Qty:      Laundry Basket 17        Qty:      -Std. H: 3” , 4” , 6”

Tie Rack                       Qty:      Pants Rack                   Qty:      -Std. W: 14.5” , 18” , 24” , 30”

Scarf Rack                   Qty:      Shoe Fence                  Qty:      Drawer Boxes

Jewelry Box 24”            Qty:      Wardrobe Lift                Qty:      -Std. H: 6”, 8” , 12” , Filing 12.5”

Watch Box 24”              Qty:      Ironing Board                Qty:      -Std. W: 14.5” , 18” , 24” , 30”