Email after Contract Signed: Next Steps





Thank you for the signed contracts and the initial 50% deposit.  Below outlines the next steps in obtaining your____________________ organization solution:

  1. Material for your project will be ordered and shipped to our warehouse prior to installation.
  2. Existing shelving units in all of your spaces will be removed by our Perfect Fit team on the actual day of install. We will discard the old material for you unless otherwise mentioned.  Our installers will patch the existing holes, sand and get it paint ready for you.  All of these extras are a complimentary service we perform for all of our clients!

Or as an alternate option; you can dismantle the existing shelving unit yourself, give the space a full paint job and have it ready for us prior to you install date.  Or, should you need our assistance with the tear-out and getting it paint ready, in case you have the desire to paint prior to installation, then we can come out on a separate visit.  However, this extra visit will have a cost associated to it.

  1. Please have someone home at the time of the scheduled install to let our installer into your home and be sure to lock up any pets so they don’t escape out of the front door when the installer is coming in and out of the home throughout the day.
  2. We are insured and bonded so you do not need to be present during the entire install process. As long as we have access to get into the home and instructions on how to lock up after ourselves then we can take care of the install without disrupting your schedule.
  3. Once work is completed, our installer will take a few pictures of the space to post on our social media outlets to show-off your project.
  4. Final payment is expected upon completion of install. You may give a cheque to the installer or our office will be in touch for all other forms of payments.


If you have any further questions please do give us a call.  Thank you for your business.