Increasing The Value of your Home with Custom Storage

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Are you looking to increase the value of your home? Have you considered how improving storage options throughout your home can make it much more attractive to potential buyers? If not, you should take some time to think about how you might improve storage space in your home.

It is important to remember that every home and every family will have different storage needs. There is no cookie-cutter solution to your storage issues. Some newer homes might have more storage already built in, in the form of large walk-in closets, pantries, and home office space.

Older homes often have much smaller closets, which provide limited areas to store items. In an older home, it is imperative to keep things neat and organized, as your storage space will be at a higher premium than space in a newer, larger home.

However, a large storage space can be easily misused without the proper components that will help you keep your things organized. So, it really doesn’t matter whether you have a large, new home or an older, smaller one.

The Case for Custom Organization Solutions

The answer to the question of how to optimize the space in your home is as simple as a custom storage solution. Custom organization systems in your home can do a lot to increase its’ value in case you do wish to sell it in the future.

Of course, some people will naturally ask whether the cost of a new, custom organization system is really worth the benefit that it will provide in terms of resale value. According to the Housing Forum, “If you ever plan to sell your house, a home closet organizer would also add to your property value. Plus, the potential buyer would love the idea of having an organizational flow already available to them in their closets. They would also fall in love with the flexibility that comes with this type of organization.”

Additionally, Jane Ehrens, Real Estate Professional for TTR Sotheby’s International, says, “Buyers today want a home that is move in ready, and when it comes to closets they want more than just rods and hooks. When potential buyers see a professional organizing system in their closet, it makes that particular house stand out from the rest and, in today’s market, that’s important. Conversely, when we are working with sellers and getting a home ready for the market, the first thing we tell them to do is to de-clutter and one of the easiest and most effective ways to do that is to get a professional organizing system. The financial benefits far outweigh the costs.”

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As you can see, custom home storage solutions can only help your home’s value. If you have even a whiff of inkling that you might sell your home sometime in the future, you can benefit from starting to think about making a few improvements to increase your home’s resale value.

If you’re looking for a custom storage solution, be sure to contact the professionals at Perfect Fit Closets today. We are standing by to help you plan, design, and install your own custom organization system in your home. Give us a call at 1-587-230-8120 today!