5 Tips for Organizing Your Mudroom

Organizing your mudroom

If you place a priority on the cleanliness of your home, you might not realize the importance of your mudroom. This is the place where, in a perfect world, most of the dirt and grime that is tracked into your home will stop.

However, it’s easy to neglect the organization of your mudroom, precisely because we often view that room as an area where it’s fine if excessive dirt or clutter prevails. Our priorities easily fall on the maintenance of our kitchen or primary living area, leaving the mudroom neglected and disorganized.

While you might be ok with that, you should realize that your mudroom is often the first room that people see when they visit your home for the first time. In addition to that, having a clean and organized mudroom can also be beneficial to your immediate family on an everyday basis.

On that note, here are a few tips to help you reorganize your mudroom:

Organize Your Shoes

If you don’t settle on an efficient way to organize shoes and keep them in one area, it becomes increasingly easy for everyone to simply shed their shoes wherever they wish when they enter your home. Having a shoe rack or mats for people to place their shoes on will help you keep dirt in one spot and, therefore, make your cleaning efforts easier when the time comes.

Designate a Cubby For Each Person in Your Family

Setting aside specific spots for each member of your family in your mudroom will help you maintain order in what can easily become one of the most chaotic rooms in your home. If you have children, this becomes exponentially more essential. As your children get older, it will be easier and easier to confuse whose items belong to whom. If each child has their own designated storage area in your mudroom, it will be much easier for everyone to find what is theirs when they’re leaving your home.


While this might seem a bit unnecessary, labeling people’s designated storage area will help you personalize their space and foster a sense of ownership over that space. You can label lockers, cubbies, hooks, plastic bins, or whatever else you use to store your family’s possessions in your mudroom.

Hook It Up

You can never have too many hooks. Especially in the winter months, your family will always have layers to shed when they enter your home. Having a plethora of hooks for people to hang their coats, jackets, or gloves will help you avoid the general clutter that often comes with an unorganized shedding of layers when people enter your home.

Convenience is King

Most importantly, you need to do what will be most convenient for your family. If your family is big on hiking, you might need additional mats to keep muddy boots from dirtying your floor. If you’re a big soccer or football family, you’ll need to figure out ways to fight against the infinite layers of grass clippings that can be trudged into your home.

Depending on your family, you’ll need to customize your mudroom storage to fit your unique needs. The aforementioned tips are simply a few suggestions to help you keep your mudroom clean and organized so that your family can find what they need when they need it and you can keep the interior of your home looking spotless.

By Maliheh Braun