Crazy About Shoes? Display Them Like Art!

Crazy About Shoes? Display Them Like Art! - Perfect fit Closets - Custom Storage Solutions Calgary

If you’re like many homeowners, you’ve probably accrued a collection of shoes that’s much larger than you actually need. If your seasonal shoes aren’t arranged properly, they’ll most likely become more of a nuisance than is necessary.

Expressing your creativity in the design of your home is essential, and displaying your shoes is no exception. If you’re crazy about your shoe collection, here are a few unique ideas to help you organize them in an artistic fashion:

Under the Bed Storage

If you’ve got a number of plastic, over-the-door organizers lying around, you might consider putting them to use to create storage space under your bed and out of view. Attaching these organizers from your bed frame and covering them with a bed skirt is an easy way to keep at least part of your shoe collection hidden. 

Hanging Storage

Hanging molding can also be a great way to utilize wall space for shoe storage. If you have an open wall or space to hang molding from the ceiling of our closet area, this is a great way to create a colorful shoe display. 

Covered Shoe Rack

A shoe rack hanging on a wall or the back of a door is also a great solution for keeping your shoes organized artfully. Adding a curtain with a ribbon tie will give you the option to cover shoes to keep them out of view or to put them on full display at your leisure. 

Ottoman Storage

Keeping your extra shoes organized neatly inside an ottoman is a perfect solution for smaller apartments. While this keeps your shoes out of the way on most occasions, it also gives you an organized place to display them neatly for interested guests. 

Repurposed Wine Crates

If you frequently purchase wine in bulk, or you have access to old wine crates, you might consider repurposing them for shoe storage. While the number of separate storage spaces will depend on the style of crate you find, this solution will give you several distinct areas to keep shoes of different types in their designated areas. 

Old Shoebox Storage

Keeping old shoeboxes will give you an easy way to organize the shoes that you don’t use very frequently. Make it easier to find the shoes you’re looking for by labeling each box with a simple picture depicting the type of shoe contained inside. 

Wooden Pallet Storage

Old wooden pallets are easily found behind most commercial grocery stores, and they can easily be repurposed for shoe storage. Once they are refinished, wooden pallets can be stood upright in your garage or mudroom, and your shoes will easily stay in place between the wooden slats. 

Ladder Storage

Using an old ladder that no longer serves its’ original purpose to hang high-heels is another great shoe storage solution. If you like this option, you might consider repainting the ladder to fit your home’s interior décor. 

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