Custom Fit – Wall to Wall VS Gaps

Custom Fit - Wall to Wall VS Gaps - Perfect Fit Closets - Custom Closets Calgary

Here at Perfect Fit Closets, we know that most homes are not perfectly square. Some homes have curves that were intentionally built into the structure for stylistic reasons. But no matter the original intention, every home will have settled over the years. This means that the older the home, the more likely that the walls and floors will be uneven. Although some businesses will choose to leave gaps between storage units and the walls, at Perfect Fit Closets we refuse. Here is why we take the extra effort to ensure that your storage solutions are wall to wall:

Aesthetically Pleasing

A wall to wall fit will actually make your room look bigger. Storage units that are stand alone will be taking up more space for less storage. Flip that and take advantage of all that extra room! More space for storage means more organization and a room that is clutter-free. Besides, without the gaps collecting dust, your space will be cleaner! This approach is altogether more visually pleasing. Your new storage unit will become a part of your house, instead of being a freestanding piece just placed there.

Practically Pleasing

Now we know that it looks good, how practical is it? You will have more space for storage when we use up that extra space to the wall. You’ll be surprised how much difference a few inches will make! Fully capitalizing on the space on one wall, means that you may not have to use up another one. On top of this, wall to wall installations will eliminate the need to dust between walls and storage. Gaps are the perfect places for dust and pet hair to pile up. Not to mention the possibility of your personal items falling in there.

A wall to wall fit will give you the best custom experience even after we have left. We chose the name Perfect Fit for our business and we stand by it! We work out of fully-furnished vans so that they can measure and cut materials at your home, for your home. Because of this, we will accommodate the character of your house into our design. We will never leave gaps, and that’s our promise to you!