The Perfect Fit “Way” of designing custom closets:

The Perfect Fit “Way” of designing custom closets: - Perfect Fit Closets - Custom Closets Calgary

There’s a reason that we have so many happy customers! It’s because we do things a very particular way – we call it the “perfect fit way”. When we do your custom closets we take pride in YOUR project and we make sure it’s done right. Our customers love our closet solutions because we don’t use a lot of wire frame solutions. They love that when we do a complete tear down of their old spaces we also get the new space paint ready! And everyone raves about our experienced installers who work efficiently and do high quality work.

“Thumbs Down” to the wire!

Other closet and storage solution companies use a lot of wire frames. We find that customers prefer the solid cabinet, drawers and shelving products that we offer. Occasional wire baskets are still used for certain situations. Our custom closet solutions use solid shelving units – usually open but if you prefer doors or glass doors we have those available. Additionally we have multi-drawer units which many customers really find very effective in their closets.

Tear it down; build it right

If your closets need any renovating or adjusting, we send in our tear down experts! They are fast and efficient at adjusting any closet sizing needed for your custom fit plan that we design together. Then the best part is that your new closet space is completely finished to the “ready to paint” stage. We don’t leave any details unfinished. The job’s not done until everything fits and looks great.

Nothing beats experience!

And best for last: we have experienced custom closet installers that we send in to your home to do your closet installation quickly and expertly. There’s no need for a well-designed project to take a long time to install. We “measure twice and cut once”- in other words we work with you to design a closet solution that meets your needs, then we choose storage and closet products that work well together and fit perfectly. And that makes the installation is almost the easiest part. Our installation team will be gone before you know it.

At Perfect Fit we really care to get closet solutions for you that will be effective and efficient for years to come. Come in and talk with us. We can set up an in-home measurement and design plan for you! It will be Perfect!