Home Upgrades to Impress Your Guests

Home Upgrades to Impress Your Guests - Perfect Fit Closets - Custom Storage Solutions Calgary

If you’ve been in your home for a while, and are finding yourself frustrated with layout, you might find yourself wandering the hallways of showhomes and browsing real estate listings. But wait! Before you go through the expense and hassle of moving, can you upgrade the trouble spots and make your home feel like new?


Closets may be hidden, but their impact on your home is very visible (even when your guests aren’t snooping during dinner parties)! Well organized closets take clutter off of surfaces, leaving them looking clean and tidy. Bedrooms and home offices can benefit from added standalone closet space, in a variety of attractive finishes. When your guests stay in that little-used guestroom they’ll love having a bit of closet space so they don’t have to live out of their suitcases.


In Feng Shui, entrance areas are extremely important, since the first place you see upon entering a home sets the emotional tone for the whole house. If the mudroom is cluttered and busy, with puddles and piles, you’re going to feel harried unorganized. However, if you install a custom storage solution, designed to meet the size of your family and equipment you need to store, you can hide all that clutter out of sight. Imagine instead walking into a comfortable, tidy, and clean mudroom that feels spacious even if it’s small. Ahhh…home sweet home. Guests will know upon very first impression that your home is one they want to spend more time in.


Whether you’re a hardcore hobbyist whose garage is their workshop or simply use it for storing your stuff, the garage is a key area where organization could help you to fall a little more in love with your home. Too many of us are aspirational storers, stuffing our garages full of out of season, broken, or out of date items, not even dreaming that a car could fit in between the stacks. But add a workbench, pegboard, and cupboards; utilize that overhead space and hang some of the more unwieldy items above eye-level, and the garage can quickly transform into a welcoming place with plenty of room for your car (and a happy sigh of relief).

Thinking of upgrading your closets, mudroom, or garage? Have similar problems in the pantry, guest room, or your home office? Perfect Fit Closets provides free consultations and custom-designed solutions to meet your needs.