How Can You Make Your Home Office Work For You?

How Can You Make Your Home Office Work For You? - Perfect Fit Closets - Office Storage Solutions Calgary

Some of the most famous brilliant minds in recent history have had notoriously messy desks, like Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, and Steve Jobs. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t Einstein and need a clean and organized workspace. Could your home office use an update to boost your productivity? Here are a few ideas that might spark your imagination as you re-imagine your office.

Inventory Your Day

Do you video conference frequently? Do you have multiple projects on the go? Do you need drafting space, specialized drawers for uniquely shaped items? Think through the flow of your typical day and imagine all the items you use regularly, what needs to be easily accessible, and the tasks you need to complete. This will help us to work with you to design a space to meet all your needs.

Consider Filing Drawers

Despite the push towards paperless offices, we all know that completely eliminating paper is impossible. So, you need a good paper management system, which usually includes filing drawers. Lateral drawers can make it easier to view and access all your files. You may want to supplement file drawers with easily accessible slots for keeping active projects close to hand.

Don’t Forget Wire Management

Wire management is overlooked too frequently. Home offices often feature large numbers of electronics like computers, printers, scanners, phones, screens, and speakers. All these electronics which need to be plugged in but a rat’s nest of cords gets in your way when you’re trying to work, and makes it difficult to unplug and detangle when needed. A solid wire management system keeps the wires out of sight, out of mind, and untangled.

Custom Arts & Crafts Space

Do you ever have to “share” your desk with noisy children? Whether you just need a way to amuse them while you work, or you like to get in on the action yourself, adding a custom arts and crafts space can be a lot of fun. Don’t be afraid to express your creative side!  

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