Murphy Beds to get ready for visitors

Murphy Beds to get ready for visitors - Perfect Fit Calgary - Murphy Beds Calgary

We all get houseguests from time to time. Although it’s so nice to have a guest bedroom permanently set up and ready to go, that’s not an option for everyone. For those with space issues, a fantastic solution is to have a space-saving Murphy bed! Also called a wall bed, they are stored vertically during the day. This means that a room can serve as a dual purpose space – office by day and bedroom by night! A perfect compromise for apartments and smaller homes or if you just need the space. At Perfect Fit, we offer a variety of Murphy bed options. We have flip-up desk Murphy beds, bi-fold Murphy beds, and Library Murphy beds. Come in and check them out at 100, 111 – 5 Avenue SW Suite #341 in Calgary

Where to put house guests?

Option #1: In a guest bedroom. Although an ideal solution, many don’t have the luxury of a separate room dedicated entirely to the few days a year one might entertain guests.

Solution: A Murphy bed means you don’t have to have a separate guest room!

Option #2: On a roll-away cot. Yes, this works, but typically these are very heavy and awkward if not unsafe to move to its storage place in the basement, garage, or elsewhere. And it still takes up room and must be stored somewhere.

Solution: A Murphy bed doesn’t need to be stored and it doesn’t need to be moved into place.

Option #3: On an air mattress. The advantage of an air mattress is its portability and small size when collapsed. However, blowing up an air mattress is not for the faint of heart (or lungs!). It is quite challenging to have sufficient lung capacity to do this without getting light headed. There are also pumps to help with this, but then the pump also has to be stored, and they have a tendency to fail when you need them most! Also air mattresses are neither comfortable nor easy to put sheets onto.

Solution: A Murphy bed is always ready to go and needs no blowing up and no pumps. It’s also comfortable and the sheets can be left on.

Option #4: On a sofa bed or futon. These pieces of furniture are dual purpose items can be a good option. But they still take up space during the day. And one might not want a sofa or a futon in an office and the mattresses on sofa beds are often flimsy and definitely uncomfortable. Solution: A Murphy bed folds away 100%, taking up zero floor space and still has a very comfortable mattress for sleeping.

Murphy beds are definitely a great space-saving idea for hosting occasional house guests. We think you’ll be impressed with how effective they might be for home. Call us at Perfect Fit Calgary at 403-768-3049, and arrange to come and view the options in our showroom.