No more Room in the Closet – how about Visible Storage?

Closet Storage

If you’ve run out of room in your closet and you’ve done everything you can to get rid of things that you no longer need, use, or want, what can you do?

Some people think that they need to cram everything that doesn’t fit in their dresser into their closet. That’s great if you have a huge walk-in, but a lot of us have to make do with a tiny, conventional closet or no closet at all. Fortunately, these days, keeping things carefully hidden away is no longer a requirement. It’s okay to make use of visible storage and get creative when it comes to storing shoes, clothing, and other personal items like jewelry.

The space under your bed can be a great place for storing folded clothes, bedding and shoes. You can go out and buy a bed frame with built in drawers. You can also buy storage units that are designed to slide neatly under the typical bed. Storage bags that you suck the air out of with a vacuum cleaner are an amazing way to shrink bulky items like sweaters or pillows into flat packages that easily fit under a bed. They are also protected from dirt, moisture and bugs.

As you long as you keep them neat and tidy, clothes and shoes can be stored in plain view on shelving units and racks. Wardrobes are another beautiful and functional option for handling the overflow from a small closet. They come in a huge variety of styles and finishes and you can turn an entire wall in your bedroom into an extension of your closet.

When you run out of storage space or you just want to make better use of the closet space you have, visit Perfect Fit Closets in Calgary for beautiful and functional closet organizing ideas and storage solutions.

By Maliheh Braun