5 Simple Ways to Maximize your Closet Storage Space

Closet Storage

If you don’t need a large scale closet re-design but you want to make better use of the space you have, here are some very simple things that you can do to increase the storage space in your closets.

  • Sliding pant rack – if you have a lot of pants, you’re going to love a sliding pant rack. Not only can you store several pairs of pants on a sliding rack – they prevent wrinkles and free up a lot of space on your closet rods. Slide it out so you can see your options, and then slide it back into place so you can close the closet door when you’re done. They’re not expensive and they’re very easy to install.
  • Simple Shelving Column – a closet organization project doesn’t have to be elaborate. Something as simple as a narrow vertical column with five or six shelves for clothing and a few personal items can make a huge difference. Add extra closet rods between it and the walls to make even better use of the available space in the closet.
  • Extra Closet Rods – most closets have a lot of unused space between the bottom of hanging clothes and the floor. Simply adding another rod doubles the amount of space you have for hanging tops and pants. Adding another closet rod is easy to do and very inexpensive.
  • Closet Door Shelf – if you have a closet door that swings open, you can create a lot of extra storage by mounting a shelving unit on the back of it. A set of shallow shelves is great for storing small items that are difficult to hang.
  • Pegboards – they’re usually used for hanging tools in garages and workshops but pegboards are also a great place to store smaller items like socks and belts. You can hang storage baskets or hooks from a pegboard. If you don’t want your closet to look like a workshop, cover the pegboard with a nice piece of fabric.

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By Maliheh Braun