Small Closet – Big Solutions

Small Closets

If your small closet is giving you a big headache, it might be time to get creative with your space. We can help!

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a vast walk-in closet with decadent display and storage features. Many people have a reach-in type of closet with a rod and shelf and maybe sliding or bi-fold doors. You might even have the traditional single-hinged door. If you do and the insides are over-stuffed and jumbled, it’s time to declutter and reorganize.

To get started, pull everything out and then weed out what you don’t need. You’ll probably never wear that old bridesmaid dress from your best friend’s wedding so don’t let it take up your valuable closet space. Store it if you can’t bear to part with it. Old shoes, coats, handbags and other unused clutter might be taking up much more space than you think. Once you get the clutter out of the way, you can assess your true storage requirements.

Next, take an inventory of what you want to store in your closet to get an accurate idea of your storage needs. If you have a lot of dresses, suits or other hanging garments, you’ll want to utilize a single or double-rod system combined with shelves and drawers to the side, above or below for folded garments or delicates.

Carefully selected drawer dividers create a space for every item – from belts and ties to jewelry and accessories. Purses and briefcases find their happy place on strategically located shelves.

Old shoe boxes are another waste of space. Slanted shoe shelves not only make your shoes more visible and save space, but also help you prevent damage from over-crowding or dust.

Once you’ve fully itemized your closet priorities and have jotted down your thoughts on the storage solutions you want most, bring your ideas to us. Our Perfect Fit Closet designers will turn your closet headache into closet Zen by helping you to create a remarkably efficient, well-organized, and beautiful storage solution that you’ll love.

By Maliheh Braun