Out of Space? If You Have a Wall you have Another Closet

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If your storage space is maxed out, step out of the closet and into your bedroom to take a look around. That wall over there just might hold the perfect storage solution. We’re talking about a wardrobe unit, also called an armoire – a clever and beautiful way to add storage space to any room.

From a full wall-to-wall unit to a free-standing piece of furniture, a closet armoire can give you extra storage space and enhance your interior design at the same time.

On the outside, an armoire can look like a bookcase or an impressive piece of furniture. On the inside, armoires typically contain a combination of adjustable shelves, drawers, cubbies and even a rod for hanging garments.

Smart accessories like hooks, drawer dividers, and even mirrors amp up the benefits, maximizing storage space and function. You might even opt for a design that accommodates a combination of electronic equipment such as a television or sound system, as well as folded garments, blankets and more. Discreet pop-out backs or holes keep cords out of sight and neatly organized as well. Books too can find a cozy home inside an armoire, free from dust and damaging natural light.

An elegant selection of finishes allows you to complement your existing furniture with wood grains and laminates in a range of popular colors and styles. Handsome mouldings, pulls, feet and trim complete the furniture-quality look. Strategically placed lighting illuminates your beautiful armoire and its precious cargo, adding beauty and convenience to your life.


At Perfect Fit Closets, we specialize in making the most of the space you have, whether inside your closets or along an available wall. We will work with you to identify the best options for storing your possessions while complementing your other furnishings. The result will be an impressive and eye-catching piece that thrills you with its beauty and its organizational oomph.

By Maliheh Braun