Tips for Small Apartment Organization

Tips for Small Apartment Organization - Perfect Fit Closets - Calgary Custom Closets

If you’re facing a move to a more urban setting than you’re used to, you might be concerned about the amount of space you’ll have for all your stuff in your new urban dwelling. We all know that real estate is considerably more expensive in the city, and you might not be able to afford the amount of space you had before.

Maybe you find yourself in your new small apartment feeling overwhelmed about how all your stuff is going to fit in such a small space. Now, depending on how much stuff you’ve got, you might have to face the reality that you’ve got to get rid of a few things.

However, before you make that decision, there are several storage and organization solutions you should consider. Here are a few tips for small apartment organization:

Multi-Purpose Furniture

As a small apartment owner or renter, you’ve got to learn to love multi-use items. A couch equipped with a pullout bed is a great example of a multi-purpose item that will give you a comfortable recreation space all the time while still allowing you the freedom to house a few extra houseguests when the time comes. Other great example of multi-purpose furniture is an ottoman or bench with accessible storage compartments. You might have to do a bit of extra searching, and it might cost you a bit more, but the extra storage can help you keep your home tidy and organized.

Utilize Corners

In a small apartment, it’s important that you use every little nook and cranny of space to your advantage. Even corners can be utilized for storage or organizational purposes. Creative corner shelving innovations will allow you to save space and keep your apartment free of clutter.

Folding Beds and Furniture

Many small urban apartments are already equipped with a wall bed, or Murphy bed. If your new apartment doesn’t have one, and your bed is taking up entirely too much space, you should consider the advantages of being able to fold your bed up into the wall when you need to.

The Murphy bed is great solution for the small studio apartment. Some wall beds can even double as a bookshelf or drawers when they are folded up. If you’re really hurting for space, a drop leaf tables, desks, and chairs that all fold into the walls can help you save significant amounts of space and allow you to host more guests than the typical studio apartment might allow.

Create Optical Illusions

Gone through all the above steps? Still looking for ways to make your small apartment feel or look a bit bigger? While they won’t actually create any additional space, well-placed mirrors will certainly make your apartment appear larger than it is.

To add extra depth, you can place mirrors high on the walls and utilize special tilting brackets to hang the mirrors facing slightly downward. This will create the optical illusion of your apartment being roomier and will help any guests feel less cramped when they come into your apartment.

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