Why Wall Beds Can be Useful in the Winter Months


Are you preparing for a holiday gathering? Are you set to host a large party of friends and family members and struggling to figure out how you’re going to have enough room to accommodate your large family in your relatively small home?

The holidays are a great time to bring the family together for a fun-filled celebration. However, some people who would love to host a large family holiday gathering simply aren’t able to do so because they lack the space in their home to sleep their entire family comfortably.

While many families simply rely on nearby hotels to put up family members that can’t fit in their home, there’s something incredibly special about being able to have the entire family under one roof during the holiday season.

If space is limited in your home, you should begin to think about ways to increase that space or utilize dual-purpose furnishings that will allow you to open your home to more people than you’d usually be able to host this holiday season.

One of the greatest space-saving innovations for the holiday season is the wall bed. In the spirit of the holidays, we’ve taken the time to give you a few great reasons why installing a wall bed can help you plan your holiday gathering this winter:

Space Saver

Because wall beds can fold up when not in use, they create a lot of extra space for your family. This option will help you keep all your guests comfortable without feeling too crowded. An area that is used during the days and evenings as a communal gathering spot can easily transition into a couple’s sleeping area when bedtime rolls around.

Quick Preparation

Wall beds are relatively quick to prepare, as they utilize regular sized mattresses and standard-sized linens. If you’ve got extra linens lying around your house, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of buying a new mattress and sheets to match when thinking about adding a wall bed to your home.

In terms of installation, wall beds can be discretely placed in a multi-purpose game room, or even your living room. Most wall beds can be customized to fit your individual needs, which allows you to install them even in the tiniest of rooms. Most beds require about 16 inches of depth, which will leave you with ample floor space.

Easy To Use

Most wall beds come with a very easy-to-use folding mechanism that allows for easy storage. As mentioned earlier, this is a quick way to open up that space for your guests to exercise or to let the younger children play in a safe area.


It is important to understand that, once you’ve installed a wall bed, you can still use that wall for other purposes when the bed is folded up. This alleviates the obscurity of having a completely empty wall somewhere in your home.

When the bed is folded up and not in use, shelves, desks, or a couch can add functionality to that space. In addition, you can add side cabinets next to where the bed will be when it folds down, which will allow for extra storage when you are hosting guests.

For more information on installing a wall bed in your home, contact the professional home organization experts at Perfect Fit Closets today!