Garage Cabinetry:

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What’s one of the messiest spaces you own? Well, besides your teen’s bedroom! Where are things spilling off the shelves, stacked haphazardly, hard to find, and full of dust? If you guessed THE GARAGE, you win! For some reason the standard for tidiness and cleanliness for garages is threatened only by some of our basements or attics. Wouldn’t you love to have a garage that is so organized that you can enjoy going to look for tools? The Christmas decorations? Or an extension cord? At Perfect Fit, we’re here to tell you IT’S POSSIBLE!

Imagine walking into the garage and seeing a kitchen-like array of cabinets, counters, and general organization! At Perfect Fit, we can show you some gorgeous designed-for-the-garage cabinets that will transform your space. These cabinets come in different depths, widths, and heights so that many different configurations of cabinets are possible. Just like in the kitchen, there are upper cabinets, lower cabinets, and full height cabinets available.  And durable, garage-appropriate countertops are available as well. Just think what a whole wall of cabinets would do for your garage. All your tools, christmas decorations, etc. can be stored behind closed doors and arranged in a logical manner.

Garage cabinets have hard, heavy duty, durable outer finishes so they can take some knocks. These surfaces are also easy to clean. Inside, the shelving is modular and flexible to accommodate lots of different shapes and sizes of storage bins, tools, and materials.

Drawer-cabinets are available and come in different widths. The drawer slides are heavy duty, so they can hold a significant weight. Lockable hardware can be added to any cabinet if desired. We also have wall racks that can be used to hang up or display long-handled items or other tools that you’d like to have accessible.

Everyone here at Perfect Fit would love to help you transform your garage into an organized space that is easy to use and pleasure to be in. Call us at (403) 768-3049 in Calgary or (604) 259-9914 in Vancouver to get started on upgrading your garage!