Murphy Beds

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Like to save space? Do you have occasional overnight guests? A murphy bed might be the answer! We have three murphy bed solutions for you. Check them out! One of these might be the “perfect fit” for your space, giving you the versatility of dual-use rooms: office by day, bedroom by night!

Flip-up desk murphy beds:

This style of wall bed is perfect for an office or for a rec room. You can use the space during the day for work or for play and when desired, you can have the bed down in moments. A full 10” mattress means the bed is very comfortable. A 16 to 19” cabinet fully encloses the bed during the daytime for a very neat look. This style has the option to convert to a very functional desk during the daytime. The desktop is stored vertically on the front of the folded away bed so the room space can be maximized for play or sitting space. Or the desktop folds up to a horizontal position if desired, locked into place, to make an instant office workspace possible. Bring out your laptop and you’re ready for productivity.

Bifold murphy beds:

A standalone cabinet containing the full thickness mattress can be put in any room. This is available in twin, full or queen size frame. When the mattress and frame are stored vertically, a set of bifold doors closes to give a very tidy, closet-like appearance. The heavy duty hinges function perfectly to keep the doors in place or folded back when the bed is in use. A folding headboard prevents objects from falling in behind. And while the bed is lowered the legs automatically fold out.

Library murphy bed:

This style allows a queen size mattress to be stored vertically in a cabinet in a working office environment. The mattress is hidden in a part of a wall unit with cabinets on either side of it. When the mattress is not in use a sliding bookcase type cabinet from either side slides in front of it to hide it away beautifully. A fully functional office with no hint of a bed is the result! This unit also has the folding headboard and automatic leg lowering features.

Perfect Fit has these three amazing and well-designed solutions to help you create dual functionality of your rooms if you have occasional overnight guests. Our beds come in a variety of sizes and styles so we customize things to match your preferences. Come check us out at Perfect Fit Canada!