Spare Bedroom? Create the Ultimate Walk-In Closet

Spare Bedroom? Create the Ultimate Walk-In Closet - Perfect Fit Closets - customized storage solutions calgary

If you have a spare bedroom that’s not being put to use, and you’ve always felt like you needed additional closet space in your home, you have a perfect opportunity to convert that spare bedroom into a beautiful walk-in closet.

A master suite without a walk-in closet is equivalent to purchasing a two-door vehicle. The area where you spend most of your time might be comfortable, but if you’re not able to bring your toys along, and keep them efficiently organized, it becomes frustrating quickly.

At Perfect Fit Closets, we can help you design and install a custom storage system for your new walk-in closet. If you’ve recently decided to make better use of a spare bedroom in your home, here are a few tips to help you create the ultimate walk-in closet:

Comfort and Function

When designed to meet your unique needs, a walk-in closet can become your refuge at the end of even the longest days. Without organization, however, a closet quickly starts to resemble a teenager’s school locker. Clothes lie in piles and various pairs of shoes are scattered about at random.

This clutter, especially in the area where you prepare in the morning and unwind at the end of the day, will cause you to feel agitated and uncomfortable in your own home. Proper closet organization, however small a factor it may seem, can drastically increase your storage space and help you truly relax in your home.

Visual Appeal

If organized properly, one of the largest benefits of a walk-in closet is your ability to see all the various items of your wardrobe at one time. Having visual access to all parts of your closet will make your morning routine smooth and simple. In some closets, however, you may wish to incorporate a minimal degree of privacy.

In this case, you might consider bi-fold doors that open to reveal the contents inside. You might also think about installing frosted glass doors to offer a blurry glimpse of what’s inside while still maintaining the desired amount of privacy. Because we’ll design a closet to meet your specific needs, it’s a simple matter of what each individual feels to be most visually appealing.

Creative Organization Tips

When thinking about a customized closet space, it’s important to have an idea of the various types of items you’ll be storing. In this regard, it can be helpful to group like items and separate casual clothing from work attire and sportswear. Jackets should hang with jackets, dresses with dresses, and so on and so forth.

In a custom closet, you can have compartments designed for the specific items you wish to store in them. Open shelves might be used to store seasonal clothing while conveniently placed glide-out units or handy hooks are easily utilized for belts and ties.

The main goal of a custom walk-in closet is to optimize the space at hand and create a system of organization that can be easily maintained. No space should go to waste, and this goes for the closet door as well, which can hold hooks to store hats and sweatshirts.

At Perfect Fit Closets, our goal is to provide useful, customized storage solutions. If you’re in need of a professional storage system in your closet, kitchen, or pantry, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 403-768-3049 today!